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Real Time PCR Instrument (2 channel, 48 well)

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KB988 is an effective PCR device for qualitative or quantitative detection of nucleic acids, gene typing, and mutation analysis with a high-performance yet low cost configuration to accommodate basic to advanced experimental applications.

Featuring four optical channels with user-selected filters covering a broad range of excitation wavelengths, it will meet the needs of a broad range of scientific applications in genomics research and as a better partner of your PCR.

The KB988 system adapts to almost any workflow requirement with flexible instrument control and data management.

Main Features:

1. Standard with 7” LCD touch screen, functions quickly accessible through simple, one-touch commands

2. High-throughput up to 96 samples per run

3. Push-pull, electrical controlled elevating platform

4. Concealed lid with constant temperature and isopiestic pressure bring high accurate temperature control

5. Quick-start set-up so you can begin a run immediately

6. Unique power-off protection function can save all the setted configurations for sudden power outages, and allow the experiment continues when    power supply is restored.

System can be installed in three distinct configurations, providing unmatched flexibility and convenience.

1. Co-located configuration (PC control)

2. Standalone (PC-free) configuration (Data can be export by USB and analysis on PC)

3. Networked configuration (PC software automatically detect all systems in LAN and allow to remote monitoring one of experimental progress and downloading of the completed run file to the PC at your desk)

Fast and uniform heating and heat sinking block

1. Concealed lid with constant temperature and isopiestic pressure

2. Electrical controlled elevating & automatic locked platform

3. Thermo block is based on improved heat pipe technology, leading to extraordinary Iintra-well temperature homogeneity and maximized inter-well, inter-cycle reproducibility.

4. Highly efficient PID&DSP control algorithm ensures faster respond and stronger interference resistance, fast and uniform heating and heat sinking

High sensitive and precise optical system

1. High-sensitivity and wide dynamic range of fluorescence detection system, sample dynamic range could be from 101 to 1010 copies

2. Fast and precise mechanical scanning structure ensures the illumination uniformity of 96 wells, Eliminate edge effects, no need for ROX calibration

3. Fluorescence excitation by a high-intensity and long-life LED, Bulb Luminance will not attenuation over time, free maintenance optical system through the entire life.

4.Professional designed fluorescence filters realize the highly fluorescence transmittance and meanwhile minimize the fluorescence channel cross talk.

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