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Immunogenicity testing measures any adverse immune response generated by a biologic such as reduced efficacy or auto-immune, allergic, and anaphylactic reactions in the body.

Immunogenicity assays during clinical and preclinical studies evaluate the tendency of biologics to produce an immune response in the form of ADAs and NAbs. Immunogenic response against biologics and therapeutic proteins is a common concern for scientists and clinicians focused on drug development. These responses could result in adverse clinical events due to the inactivation of drug therapy for patients. Several factors determine whether any biologic does or does not evoke an immune response, including drug structure, variants, immunogenic status, dosage, route of administration, and genetic profile of treated patients. The overall purpose of immunogenicity study, ADA assay specifically, is to determine whether ADA antibodies are generated and can cause adverse events or loss of efficacy.

A suitably developed ADA assay reliably measures and validates immunogenic responses in a variety of biological matrices for your regulatory filing.

KRISHGEN offers highly specific, high affinity Immunogenicity assays including ADA and NAb assays, to analyze your novel compounds in clinical and preclinical studies

Key Features of our Assays include:

Use of Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies in a sandwich format

Sensitivity measured

Ease of use with the widest range of assays for the therapeutic drugs

Convenient and Competitive Pricing

High Degree of Specificity

Validated with High Precision and Reproducibility

Calibrated against FDA Reference Drug / Innovator Drug

We offer the world’s largest range of assays for Biologics and other Therapeutic Drugs for your Immunogenicity Testing.

Anti-Rituximab (RITUXAN) ELISA | Anti-Infliximab (REMICADE) ELISA

Anti-Alemtuzumab (LEMTRADA) ELISA | Anti-Etarnecept (ENBREL) ELISA

Anti-Ustekinumab (STELARA) ELISA | Anti-Adalimumab ELISA

Anti-Bevacuzimab (AVASTIN) ELISA | Anti-Trastuzumab (HERCEPTIN) ELISA

Anti-Cetuximab (ERBITUX) ELISA | Anti-Golimumab (SIMPONI) ELISA

Anti-Natalizumab (TYSABRI) ELISA | Anti-Omalizumab (XOLAIR) ELISA

Anti-Tocilizumab (ACTEMRA) ELISA | Anti Eculizumab (SOLIRIS) ELISA

Anti-Ipilimumab (YERVOY) ELISA | Anti-Denosumab (PROLIA) ELISA

Anti-Atezolizumab (TECENTRIQ) ELISA | Anti-Daratumumab (DARZALEX) ELISA

Anti-Ranibizumab (Lucentis) ELISA | Rat Anti-Ranibizumab (Lucentis) ELISA

Anti-EPO (Erythropoetin) ELISA | Antibodies to (S.Typhi) Typhoid Vi IgM ELISA

Anti-AAV5 ELISA | Anti-Human PTH (1-34) Antibody ELISA

Anti-Glargine (LANTUS) ELISA | Anti-Asparte (NOVOLOG) ELISA

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